What’s new at tool-seo?

What’s new at tool-seo?

We continue to work tirelessly to develop the best possible online SEO tool! Of course we can report regularly about new features. Here are some of the new features we’ve added over the last few days:

Planning analyses

From now on you can decide whether tool-seo should automatically perform the SEO analysis of your website every week or every month.

Remember to specify in your email settings in your user profile that you want to receive the emails with the summary of the last analysis and the link to it.

Data History

A new feature is the storage of the SEO data of your website (maximum 30 analyses). This allows you to check how certain aspects such as loading speed, number of repeated titles, broken links, etc. develop over time.

Visual improvements

In addition we have optically prettified tool-seo a little! As you can see, we have optimized the usability, the design of the platform as well as the explanations of the individual functions.

Test the new features, we are looking forward to your feedback!