SEO OnPage analysis with tool-seo

SEO OnPage analysis with tool-seo

Surely you’re wondering what our SEO tool can do – so what makes it so special that we call it the best SEO OnPage tool?

We are happy to answer that! We have developed our tool so that you can analyse many areas at once with just one click. Instead of using many different tools, you get your information with tool-seo now at a glance.

A small overview of what our tool can do:

Our SEO tool scans your entire website and looks for SEO OnPage issues that may possibly occur: broken links, bad titles, and more.

A maximum of 500 pages per domain or subdomain are analysed. It ignores pages that are marked as noindex or not linked by indexed pages.

Here are some of the analysis results our tool will show you:

  • Total number of analysed pages
  • Total number of broken links
  • Number of slow pages (more than 3 seconds load time)
  • Average load time
  • Number of pages with little content
  • Number of pages without title
  • Number of pages without meta description
  • Number of pages with repeated titles
  • Number of pages with repeated descriptions
  • Number of pages without H1 tags
  • Number of pages without H2 tags
  • Number of images without ALT attribute

It shows you not only the average results of the entire domain, but also the results for each analysed page:

  • Title and meta tags
  • Open graph
  • Twitter Card
  • HTTP status
  • Load time
  • Distance in clicks from the homepage
  • Number of words
  • H1 and H2
  • Keywords
  • Images without ALT attribute
  • Incoming internal links
  • Outgoing internal links

And that’s just a little taste of our SEO tool. We will also be releasing a video here in which we will introduce you to the website and explain the possibilities and functions of tool-seo in more detail.

Of course, you can always contact us with any questions or suggestions for improvement:

Just write us a message!